Thursday, July 30, 2009

good morning to you


Tanika said...

hello...i must admit...i am a blog stalker!! This is the nurse from pediatric that gave mr.e his shot...hope he is feeling better..because he seemed in rare form that day...saw some cute pictures of him and realized you were a your work!!! well i am an avid blog follower and absolutely LOVE photography! Hope Little Man E is alot better than he all are a beautiful family!

Tanika said...

hello...this is the nurse from know the one that gave E his shot that day...i must admit that i am a "blog stalker" I saw some cute photos of him in the office and realize that you were the photographer!!! So of course i looked you up and saw you had a blog and i am an avid blog follower. I absolutely love photography and your work is amazing! Hope Mr. E is feeling better than he was...he seemed like he was in rare form...well i must say that you have a beautiful family and hope all is well with you!