Tuesday, September 22, 2009

we miss you frankie...

today is here again, the 9th anniversary of my brother frankie's passing from brain cancer. i miss how he would make me laugh non stop. from when i was little, a song was playing and joked, "this is our song", and it was "just the two of us". we would always laugh hysterically when we heard it. there was something amazing about him. his love of the outdoors, animals, his great sense of humor and his peaceful way. we all love and miss you so much. i'm sure you'd be in africa or planning your next safari if you were still here. now i know you are on an eternal safari, smiling and bringing great energy wherever you are. i love you so much.


bartektile said...

I remember sitting in Frankies red chevy pick-up with Frankie and Reeve Abraben out at Browns Farm waiting for the sun to come up.
We were going hog hunting and the song "LAYLA" came on the radio.
It was the very first time hearing it and it was totally awesome.
So whenever I hear that song, it brings back such a great memory of Frankie.
I miss you Frankie!!!! Love you Brother!!!

leeann ritch said...

i loved reading that