Sunday, October 9, 2011

amy + brad

what can i say, what an awesome wedding, people and atmosphere. my best to you.

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Amy Parry said...

I am extremely grateful to LeeAnn Ritch for her skill and grace at photographing our wedding on Jekyll Island on October 8, 2011. She respected our request for the formal family photo session to be quick and uncomplicated and put Brad and me at ease with our couples shots on the way to our reception and better yet, it was really fun! We had a blast working with her because she was excited about us and the setting. It made us feel great on our special day! We knew that she was capturing the moment and our happiness in it.
The photographs are beautiful and full of emotion. There is a perfect mix of black and white and color and even the posed portraits have an aire of spontaneity, which is my favorite quality of her photography.
LeeAnn is a complete professional and the entire experience of working with her from start to finish was a pleasure. Thank you, LeeAnn for capturing our event so well and for being so fun to work with!