Sunday, August 12, 2012

sweet william...little autistic angel!

this morning i had the honor to photograph this incredible little spirit, william. he has autism and his parents are so lovely and doing everything they can to help him. it was my pleasure to give you these photos to treasure your beautiful family. i loved him!!! all of my good energy and love your way!


Di said...

What an adorable child. The pictures are beautiful of him and his parents.

Stiletto Storytime said...


I could never find the words to manage to convey how special these pictures are and what they mean to our family. It was a wonderful experience with you. You took a process that usually is so stressful and hard on families with children suffering with autism and you made it...not only enjoyable but magical. Like I told you...more often that not trying to get professional pictures for us usually ends in frustration, the broken hearted reminder of how different our life experiences are from what we once dreamt and more often than not tears shed by not just William but Mommy as well. Tears that the world can't see what I see in my son. Tears over the fact that a camera can't ever seem to catch that perfect moment when he comes shining through or capture how beautiful he is...outside and inside. Your kind soul radiates straight through you and your lens. We are so lucky to have found you through such a good and cherished friend and now make you a part of our lives and have you capture a moment in our journey. I am also so lucky to now be able to spread word through our autism community that there is a photographer out there...that understands, has patience, actually cares, has wonderful God given talent but above all does not judge. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait for the day when I can make that call....LeeAnn, get out your camera. We have something spectacular that has been years in the making to's called recovery. And it is possible. Until then we are so blessed to have you capture a moment in our journey. With all my heart...thank you and God Bless.

The Webb Family